In business, both the finish line and the path to it are in constant motion. Regulations change, goals shift, and new challenges reveal themselves. We design both structures and strategies tailored for your individual business needs, enabling you to thrive in a challenging regulatory environment.

What are the benefits of a corporate/business lawyer in Hawaii?

Most of the work of business lawyers is transactional. They help acquire and sell companies and small businesses, obtain necessary licenses, permits, and government approvals, and try to avoid litigation.

Specifically, they handle:

  • Contracts: They review, draft, and negotiate contracts on behalf of the business. This can include anything from multibillion million-dollar acquisitions and lease agreements to service contracts.
  • Entity choice and governance: They create the structure that determines every facet of the limited liability company, corporation, or other entity. This includes writing articles of incorporation and coming up with bylaws. They also advise corporate officers on their responsibilities, rights, and other company policies.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: They negotiate, create, and manage corporate mergers, membership purchase agreements, and asset sales and acquisitions.
  • Capital structuring: They help startups and existing enterprises structure the relationship among investors and stakeholders to achieve goals.
    Business in Hawaii is unique, just like the islands. Corporate lawyers in Hawaii will help your business get what it deserves. They see your vision and will give you the insight to achieve your goals and avoid common pitfalls so that the business owners and managers can make informed decisions while managing risk.